The good samarthin

The good samarthin is a good person because  not only he helps people but he also cares and care for the people that are Poor. then the samarthin was a wonderful person.

This story reminds me when I got bullyed and my best friend came and helped me and toke care of me.


Moveing to a new land

What is positive influence have migrants and reflugnces brought to Australia.

What changes have migrants and reflufgnces brought to church community.

people from different country’s bring lots of food to us.


The life of ursule frayne

she is caring and loving and she gives up all the wonderful things she has done  and gave it all to the poor people and people that don’t have any houses or food.

she loved to help people even when she’s not related and that she will always take care of  them when there hurt.


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  1. Dear Charles,

    You have participated well this term in Religion. You have updated your work well. Please continue your great work.

    From Fiona

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